by Stratospheerius

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Lead by electric violinist/vocalist/mandolinist Joe Denninzon, Stratospheerius unleashes their fourth collection of songs onto the world. Hot on the heals of their acclaimed CD, “Live Wires”, “Headspace” brings their live energy into the studio. Vocal rock anthems like "New Material, "Old Ghosts", and "Today is Tommorrow", shout alongside ripping instrumentals. From the bluegrass punk of “Gutterpunk Blues”, to the psychedelic roller coaster ride of “Mental Floss”, and the bigger and louder sequel to the Heavy Metal Hora “Heavy Shtettle II”. The disc also features a unique cover of The Police “Driven to Tears”. This CD is filled with memorable hooks alongside the death-defying instrumental jams the group has built its reputation on. Influences range from Zappa and Zeppelin, to Dave Matthews, to Radiohead, to Jeff Beck, to Beck. Go ahead. Take the ride….


released March 2, 2007

Joe Deninzon-electric violin/vocals/mandolin
Mack Price-guitar/vocals
Bob Bowen-bass/vocals
Lucianna Padmore-drums
Benny Koonyebsky-percussion

Engineered and mixed by Rave Tesar
©2007 Fiddlefunk Music/BMI All rights reserved.



all rights reserved
Track Name: New Material
New Material
(Joe Deninzon)

Every day is like an hourglass
Dove into you and swam a lap
I live an inch above the map
It's front-page news when I take a crap

I need a train running over me tied up to the tracks
I need a chained up psyche with a monkey on my back
I need a death threat deadline panic attack
I need a big bolt of lightning to strike me in the ass

Where's my material
I need new material

Reality check bounced last week
I hit the road like a psycho freak
Kerouac in wonderland
Reaching out for a helping hand

I need a smooth operator to screw me out of cash
I need a rare new virus with a constellation rash
I need a wall onto which my head I can bash
And lash out at the world in a car I can crash

Where's my material
I need new material
Track Name: Old Ghosts
Old Ghosts
(Music and Lyrics by Joe Deninzon) ©2006 Fiddlefunk Music/BMI All Rights Reserved

So I went back to where I grew up and I saw familiar places
And the faces of the people who once touched my life somehow
And they all looked just the same and they hung out at the same place
But when we spoke I felt as though they just don't know me now

Cause they're just old ghosts passing through my life
They're just old ghosts silently float by
They're just old ghosts strumming that same tune
They're just old ghosts howling at the moon
Old Ghosts

I suddenly felt so alone and thoughts flashed through my head
All the people that once felt so close were now as good as dead
And in a distant time and place old memories remain
But now I realize my life would never be the same

Cause they're just old ghosts old friends disappear
They're just old ghosts vanish through the years
They're just old ghosts never to come back
They're just old ghosts stab you in the back

With every door we close we die another death
Life is full of one-night stands that vanish with a breath
That vanish with a breath

And I wonder how they see me same old guy they always laughed with
Same old face they always trusted but a different face inside
Maybe they think they've moved on while the world and I have stood still
Are they really that naive to think they're owners of this ride

Cause they're just old ghosts restless and unsure
They're just old ghosts trying to find a cure
They're just old ghosts wandering without aim
They're just old ghosts changing to stay the same
Track Name: Sold Out
Sold out
Music and lyrics by Joe Deninzon and Mack Price

Broken promises Play a wicked game of Simon says
Risking everything Flying high until they clip your wings

You’ve been torn Long before you were born
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

Evil guessing games Every move you make you feel ashamed
Tearing at the seams Crying out for all your broken dreams

You’ve been drowned Sold for a dollar a pound
Gone in a whisper Gone in a moment
Crashed before you hit the ground

You’ve been sold out

False alliances
Don’t believe in what your lifeline says Time and broken glass
Watered down to feed the unwashed mass

You’ve been had Slave to a world gone mad
All that you wanted All that you worked
You got and it hurt you so bad

You’ve been sold out

Sometimes everything aint what you wanna be
Sometimes everything aint what you thought it could be
Track Name: Today is Tomorrow

They say the river’s wide Don’t try the other side
Whisper don’t talk too loud You might attract a crowd

I see you on that hill Hiding your deepest thrill
Swallow the bitter pill Try to suppress the will

Dive into emptiness Swim in the sweet abyss
Vertical river flow Today is tomorrow

They’ll say keep it inside I say pick up your pride
Don’t run don’t try to hide Hang on enjoy the ride

Dive off the edge of time Painting your flesh with wine Blood sweat and tears will flow Today is tomorrow
Show me what this life means Crystalize every dream
Teach me what you don’t know Today is tommorrow

I know just how you think Brewing your bitter drink
You are the weakest link Your ship will slowly sink
Track Name: Long Rd.
Long Rd
(Joe Deninzon)

Elevate yourself son don't procrastinate yourself
Don't pollute yourself or overmedicate yourself
Stimulate your intellect and educate yourself
But whatever you do love yourself don't hate yourself

It's a long it's a long it's a long hard road (X3)
And I feel like I wanna explode

Find a mate for yourself don't humiliate yourself
Don't exaggerate yourself or overrate yourself
Hurry up don’t come too early don’t be late yourself
Choose your battles but don’t tempt the hands of fate yourself

It's a long it's a long it's a long hard road (X3)
And I feel like I wanna explode

Terminate that little voice that makes you burn yourself
Try to resurrect a better version of yourself
Settle down chill out shut up fuck off behave yourself
On second thought just get it over with and hang yourself
Track Name: Heavy Shtettle Part II: Heavier Shtettle
Music by Joe Deninzon and Alex Skolnick
© 2007 Fiddlefunk Music/BMI and Skolnick Music/ASCAP
All Rights reserved